4-H and Youth

Julie Tritz Julie Tritz

WVU Extension Agent –
4-H Youth Development, Wayne County

From a small Moroccan village to the farms of Eastern Europe, West Virginia University Extension Service’s Julie Tritz traveled far and wide before coming to serve the people of Wayne County who have captured her heart.

“The people of Wayne County are special to me,” Tritz said. “They make me love my job and motivate me to provide opportunities that meet the needs of my community.”

Tritz, the 4-H Youth Development agent for Wayne developed a strong philosophy in her decade of working overseas in areas as varied as Northwestern Africa, Central Asia, and urban and rural Ireland.

“The support and services provided to a community should be based on an expressed need by those who live there,” she said.

Tritz coordinates Wayne County’s 4-H Youth Development program and works with Extension’s Community Educational Outreach Service, an organization that promotes continuing education, leadership development and community service.

In 2013, Tritz was the Co-Chair of the inaugural 4-H Civic Engagement Forum and is the Chair of the 4-H unit’s Outreach and Promotion Working Group.

Prior to her time in Extension, Tritz worked for five years in Ireland as a researcher and program coordinator at the University College Dublin.

Tritz is a member of the WVU Extension Service Global Education Team and provides leadership for the development of the Global Extension Curriculum. The WVU Extension Service Global Education Team earned the West Virginia Association of Extension 4-H Agents Team Excellence Award and the National Association of Extension 4-H Agents Northeast Region Award.

“Globally, WVU Extension should be a leader of programs and activities that support and enhance global education for Extension faculty, staff, and volunteers, as well as the clients we serve,” she said.

Tritz also worked for two years as a community development volunteer in the Peace Corps in Morocco, serving in a remote village near the High Atlas Mountains.

“I remember the people, especially the women who worked so hard every day and did the best they could for their families,” Tritz recalls. “They lived without electricity, a clean water supply, or access to reliable transportation.”

Tritz saw her love of world travel blossom while studying at Iowa State University where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Agriculture Business and International Agriculture and a master’s of science in Agriculture and Extension Education.

She studied abroad in the Czech Republic and Slovakia during her undergraduate degree and did graduate research in Uzbekistan. In 2011, Tritz completed her PhD in Rural Development from the University College Dublin.

To learn more about 4-H Youth Development Programs in Wayne County or WVU Extension’s CEOS program contact Julie Tritz at Julie.Tritz@mail.wvu.edu, or 304-272-6839.