4-H and Youth

England-Lord_Susan2 Susan England-Lord

WVU Extension Agent –
Cyberbullying Prevention Expert and
4H Youth Development, Wyoming County

It was concern over startling U.S. statistics and a situation close to home that led WVU Extension Service 4-H Agent Susan England-Lord to begin researching the topic of cyberbullying.

Statistics reveal that one teen in the U.S. attempts or commits suicide every day because of being ‘bullied’ or ‘cyber bullied.’ These statistics, combined with her experience handling situations in Wyoming County, prompted Susan England-Lord to research and identify the scope of the problem in West Virginia.

Using the knowledge garnered from the research, she developed educational programming that would focus on strategies to help a young person cope with bullying that occurs daily in the cyber world.

Susan has worked with various entities statewide and nationally, including the West Virginia Legislature to foster an understanding of this issue and the magnitude of the impact for young people. In August 2010, she presented to the Judiciary Committee of the legislature.

Susan completed her bachelor’s degree from Bluefield State and master’s degree from West Virginia University in Communication Studies. She has also completed more than 20 hours of graduate courses from Marshall University toward a master’s in Family Counseling.

Susan has worked as an extension agent since 1993 and in the youth development field for West Virginia University Extension since 1979. Her major emphasis continues to be on issues that directly affect youth.

Susan can be reached by calling the Wyoming County office of the WVU Extension Service at 304-732-8000×213. She can also be reached by e-mail.