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Kristin McCartney Kristin McCartney

WVU Extension Specialist –
Public Health

West Virginia University Extension Service Public Health Specialist Kristin McCartney is fighting an uphill battle for many families across West Virginia.

As a dietitian she’s spent a large part of her career helping people with weight loss. Now, her role with WVU Extension lets her draw on that experience to provide nutrition leadership and expertise to families across the state.

McCartney uses University-backed research to find creative solutions to problems that prevent families in rural communities from improving their current health related behaviors.

She believes that the health choices we make are a product of our immediate environments.

“It’s hard to eat healthy when the nearest store with fresh fruits and vegetables is 50 miles away,” says McCartney. “It’s also just as hard to be active when you live in areas without sidewalks or walking trails.”

However, she’s working to help change the situations of families across West Virginia through her personal passion for gardening and farming.

“I believe that West Virginia has an opportunity to transform communities, the environment and the health of the people through agriculture,” she adds.

Her belief in that statement is evident through her appointment as chairperson of the Food Access committee for the West Virginia Food and Farm Coalition, an organization that seeks to improve and provide access to locally grown, fresh foods for all West Virginians.

McCartney previously served as the program coordinator for the West Virginia Early Childhood Obesity Prevention Project, a USDA grant-based program that implements childhood obesity intervention initiatives in schools and communities.

McCartney received her bachelor’s degree in dietetics from Marshall University and her master’s degree in public health from West Virginia University.

To contact McCartney, e-mail Kristin.McCartney@mail.wvu.edu or call 304-356-1310.