Families & Health

Judy Matlick Judy Matlick

WVU Extension Agent –
Families and Health, Jefferson County

Helping residents of her community make smart decisions on the fly in a fast-paced county is something Judy Matlick, West Virginia University Extension Service Jefferson County Families and Health agent, has delivered on and continues to refine.

Matlick says the large population of commuters to the Washington, D.C. can make the county’s programming needs difficult to address.

“To reach busy individuals and families, our outreach efforts as WVU Extension agents have to be creative and adaptable to benefit them,” she said.

Messages for busy, on-the-go individuals include stress-reduction techniques, exercise oriented programs and family relationship development—reminders for modern families to take time for themselves, breathe and cultivate relationships with the ones they love.

“Jefferson County has unique challenges—we have the highest average income of any county in the state, but we also have a large population living below the poverty line,” said Matlick. “This means our programs have to be as diverse as the audiences we serve.”

According to Matlick, people from all walks of life can benefit from Extension’s nutrition and wellness programs and information and advice on how to maintain healthy relationships.

Programs like ‘Maintain, Don’t Gain,’ a holiday weight management program, are relevant to people’s needs, and often times travel quickly throughout communities by word of mouth and through community leaders.

She also works extensively with the Jefferson County Community Educational Outreach Service, advising them on how to increase their reach and positively strengthen communities.

With a healthy tourism economy, she helps restaurant owners and food service industry employees capitalize on the opportunity by providing critical training. Matlick is a certified ServSafe instructor, which is a food and beverage safety program administered by the National Restaurant Association.

“In addition to the typical food safety programs that revolve around the home, we’re able to provide necessary training to people of the area to create a workforce with in-demand skills.” said Matlick.

Her professional affiliations include the National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (NEAFCS), the West Virginia Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, Epsilon Sigma Phi and she serves as the treasurer of the Extension Association of West Virginia.

Matlick also won the NEAFCS educator of the year award in 2009 based on an overall body of outstanding work, her involvement at a state level, and with letters of support from her colleagues.

She received a bachelor’s degree from Shepherd in secondary education and home economics and a master’s degree in education administration from WVU.

To contact her, email judy.matlick@mail.wvu.edu or call the Jefferson County office at 304-728-7413.