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Jeanette Coole Jeanette Coole

WVU Extension Service –
Nutrition Outreach Instructor

Limited resources don’t mean you can’t eat healthy, nutritious food. That’s the message Jeanette Coole hopes to bring to people in Taylor and Harrison counties in her role as Nutrition Outreach Instructor.

Coole isn’t new to WVU Extension – she’s a 4-H leader, and worked as the secretary in the Taylor County office for almost two years before becoming an NOI. Although her resumé also includes working in retail and as a computer technician, she’s found her calling in the outreach mission of Extension.

“I like having the opportunity to teach people what I know,” said Coole. “I was drawn to this position because it caters to low income people who’ve been told they can’t eat right because they can’t afford it. I want to show them that isn’t true.”

Her primary responsibilities as an NOI are to deliver approved nutrition education programs to low-income families and youth, pregnant women and teens, and individuals who meet the guidelines for the West Virginia Family Nutrition Program, as well as to coordinate with community partners to build relationships and strengthen support systems.

The Family Nutrition Program aims to help low-income families and individuals have enough to eat without resorting to emergency food assistance by advocating healthy eating and active lifestyles, and encouraging thrifty shopping and the safe preparation and storage of nutritious foods.

In her spare time, Coole enjoys reading, gardening and kayaking. She lives with her husband and two teenagers in the Knottsville area of Taylor County.

Although she serves two counties, Coole is based in the Taylor County office of the WVU Extension Service at 7 Hospital Plaza, Grafton, WV 26354. You can reach her by telephone at 304-265-3303, or by email at JLCoole@mail.wvu.edu.