Eades_Daniel Daniel Eades

WVU Extension Specialist –
Rural Economics

Making rural community leaders more informed about development decisions is the primary goal of Daniel Eades’ work with West Virginia University Extension Service.

Eades, who serves as the rural economics specialist for WVU Extension’s Community, Economic and Workforce Development Unit, provides technical expertise in community data analysis and economic impact analysis to communities and local leaders.

“Helping community leaders make informed decisions about development and resources can have big impacts on the area’s bottom line,” Eades said.

Prior to joining WVU Extension Service in 2010, Eades worked as a research associate in Clemson University’s EDA University Center and Regional Economic Development Research Laboratory conducting and supporting input-output analyses and industry cluster initiatives throughout South Carolina.

His research and outreach interests include rural and community economic development, economic impact analysis, and the economic potential of regional food systems and sustainable agriculture.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in environmental studies from Shepard University where he graduated magna cum laude. He later earned his master’s degree in agricultural and resource economics from WVU.

To contact Daniel Eades, call 304-293-8697, or e-mail Daniel.Eades@mail.wvu.edu.