Mira Danilovich Mira Danilovich

WVU Extension Specialist –
Consumer Horticulture

“I am drawn to individuals with a genuine interest and desire to learn,” says Mirjana (Mira) Bulatovic-Danilovich, West Virginia University Extension Service’s new Consumer Horticulture Specialist.

She, herself, never stops learning. With nearly 40 years on the job, Danilovich has seen trends in consumer horticulture come and go. As any good gardener knows, it takes passion and dedication to remain current on these trends.

As an Extension educator, Danilovich strongly believes in providing a resource to the community; therefore, she plans to develop a network of support within the community consisting of WVU Extension Specialists, Master Gardener leaders, faculty, and members of the local consumer horticulture industry. Having a large network of resources is crucial to providing sufficient educational outreach to the community.

Danilovich refuses to let any question go unanswered. As questions arise, she promises to respond with a thorough answer or a referral to someone who can assist them. Working with consumers, the questions she most often receives are related to disease and insects. Given Danilovich’s extensive background as a landscape and commercial fruit production analyst and adviser, she has experience dealing with various types of pest management techniques or solutions.

Understanding the significant role collaborative effort plays in an educational outreach program, Danilovich looks to build upon these resources. A particular area of interest for Danilovich is the Master Gardener program. Prior to coming to WVU, she served as the District Extension Educator at Michigan State University, where she revitalized the area’s Master Gardener program by teaching courses and holding demonstrations that brought together individuals with a genuine interest and desire to learn. As the new consumer horticulture specialist at WVU, she looks forward to building upon WVU Extension Service’s already strong Master Gardener program and hopes to expand the Junior Master Gardener program to recruit the younger generation.

A native of modern-day Serbia, Danilovich received her Ph.D. in Pomology from University of Ljubljana, Slovenia and M.S. in Pomology from University of Belgrade, Serbia.

Danilovich can be reached at 304-293-2620 or