Lewis Jett Lewis Jett

WVU Extension Specialist –
Commercial Horticulture

Irrigation methods, fertilization and pest management, seasonal techniques and post-harvest handling of fruits and vegetables are all important parts of maintaining a healthy, rewarding garden. Lewis Jett, West Virginia University Extension Service’s specialist in commercial horticulture, educates West Virginians on these methods.

Jett has worked with Extension since 2007, specializing in the growth of vegetables and small fruit crops. He is passionate about his work, developing practical, economical production techniques for commercial vegetable growers and embarking on tours, workshops and production meetings that help growers expand their output.

Recognizing the importance of new technology in gardening, he has worked to evaluate low-cost tunnels for extended production of high-value small fruits and vegetables. He continually works to obtain funds for horticulture development and acts as a resource for commercial growers across the state.

Before Jett came to WVU Extension, he conducted research at Louisiana State University and the University of Missouri, Columbia. He has also spent time in East Africa, helping small farmers in Kenya grow vegetables. He earned his bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics from West Virginia University, and he went on to earn both his master’s and doctorate degrees in horticulture from Virginia Tech.

Jett can be reached at 304-293-2634 or