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WVU Extension’s Venison 101 workshops help West Virginians safely enjoy a wild and wonderful part of living in West Virginia

Learn to properly clean, transport and prepare deer meat with Venison 101, a hands-on workshop from West Virginia University Extension Service, WVU Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design, and the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources.

The workshops are taught by WVU Extension Service agents and West Virginia Department of Natural Resources representatives.

“Participants can get useful tips and advice about ‘field to table’ methods from trained experts during Venison 101 workshops,” said Litha Sivanandan, WVU Extension food safety and preservation specialist.

A variety of topics are covered, from safe handling, to meat preparation and consumption. Information about cuts of meat, healthy methods of cooking and how to preserve it will also be offered.

“One of the many important pieces of knowledge workshop attendees will gain is the proper way to handle deer meat to reduce the chance of contamination from bacteria, which can cause serious illness,” she added.

Participants will also learn how to identify a healthy deer versus an unhealthy one and learn about the native deer population, areas of their habitation and more.

Cost for the workshop varies by county. Workshops will take place for the duration of deer hunting season at various locations across the state—ending by late December. Check with your local county office for specific costs, dates and times of Venison 101.

To learn more about Venison 101 workshops, or to find out if there is a workshop in your area, contact your local office of the WVU Extension Service or visit



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