31 Jul

Urban egg law touted

July 31, 2013

(Dominion Post) – Morgantown City Council spent some time talking about the birds and the bees during Tuesday’s Committee of the Whole meeting.

The discussion was actually an opportunity for council members to look at Charleston City Council’s new urban agriculture law and consider what that might look like in Morgantown.

John Porter, WVU Extension’s agent in Kanawha County, laid out some of the specifics of Charleston’s law using online meeting software.

Porter said the law, among other more community-focused endeavors, allows Charleston residents anywhere in the city to have up to six laying hens — no roosters — on their property. The bill also allows for up to three bee hives per lot.

“The city has really done this as a response to the needs of the citizens, and also there seems to be a big impetus nationwide in towns and cities and other municipalities adopting these codes that are agriculture friendly,” Porter said.

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