2 Jul

(Dominion Post) This is my love letter to 4-H, Monongalia County style.

I am in love. Seriously. In love. With 4-H. Growing up I had heard of 4-H. It wasn’t something I ever considered being involved in.

I didn’t live on a farm. I didn’t raise sheep. I didn’t raise cattle. I didn’t raise pigs. Well, you get the point.

Little did I know how little I knew of what 4-H was all about. Fast forward to the land of motherhood … I’m now the mom of a really great girl. She happens to have special needs.

I’m always looking for ways to increase her social activities. Someone suggested 4-H. I emailed Becca Fint-Clark, the director of youth development for 4-H, Monongalia County. She is a gem. She is a lively, lovely, positive force for growth and development of youth.

She specializes in keeping good kids going in the right direction, and noticing ones who need a little extra love and attention, and providing it.

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