1 Feb

(WV Public Broadcasting) Several organizations are working together to put farms and potential farms on the map, so to speak. The West Virginia Food and Farm Coalition is teaming up with WVU Extension Services and experts at the environmental consulting firm, Downstream Strategies, to create an interactive food mapping application.

The goal is to have an interactive map identifying the various food production and distribution potential throughout West Virginia by November. Principal at Downstream Strategies, Fritz Boettner, explains that organizations have been assessing local food production to understand what is being produced, how it’s being produced and distributed, and what the economic value is.

“There’s lots of land in West Virginia,” Boettner says. “It’s very fertile. It’s very good farmland. Even with the terrain there’s still plenty of land available to grow crops. So I think a lot of our work is with the notion that this could be an expanding, economic boom for the state.”

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