1 May

(USA Today) Despite being more than 125 years old, the Hatfield & McCoy feud will be a surprisingly hot subject in the national media this spring and summer.

A host of cable series, shows and books will focus on one of the world’s most notorious feuds, most prominent among them a three-day History channel miniseries, The Hatfields and McCoys: An American Vendetta, starring Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton that begins airing Memorial Day, May 28.

On the coattails of what the channel bills as an “epic three-night event,” several of its other shows will do Hatfield and McCoy-themed programs. History’s popular American Pickers will lead up to the series with a program that recently brought hosts Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz to the Mountain State, checking out some little-known feud memorabilia. How the States Got Their Shapes will tape a show of its own this June.

All this is music to the ears of Bill Richardson, who for years has toiled at turning the feud into tourism gold for West Virginia and has fingers in several of these projects.

Richardson, a West Virginia University Extension associate professor who does community development work in Mingo and Logan counties, also is a filmmaker, artist and author who, several years back, produced his own 57-minute Hatfield & McCoy documentary, Feud.

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