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Healthy Snack Alternatives

Many of our favorite foods are often rich, hearty, flavorful – and calorie-ridden. Cutting calories doesn’t meaning cutting out flavor. Enjoy tasty and nutritious versions of your favorite meals this fall by using recipes from WVU Extension Service’s Family Nutrition Programs.

You Can Eat Healthfully During the Holidays

holiday_meal The holiday season brings many opportunities for winter activities, gatherings, and sharing meals with loved ones. By choosing wisely this holiday season, you can still honor long-standing traditions while maintaining good health.
Learn tips to preserve your health and waistline this holiday season…

Comfort Foods with Fewer Calories

BreakfastImage We eat for many reasons, and sometimes they have nothing to do with hunger. Although nutrients are required to sustain us, it’s commonplace to rely on food when we’re feeling upset, angry, stressed, or lonely. Many cultures both celebrate and mourn with food, and ours is no exception. Whether you prefer sweet or savory indulgences, it is very possible to enjoy your favorite foods while still maintaining a balanced diet.

Find healthy alternatives to your favorite comfort foods

The Not-So-Sweet Side of Sweetened Beverages

lemonade A trip down the beverage aisle in your local grocery store provides a glimpse into the hundreds of drinks that are available to quench our thirst. Products run the gamut from flavored water to soda, fruit drinks, sweetened tea and chocolate milk.
However, there is one element many of these beverages have in common – sugar.
Learn which beverages have surprising amounts of sugar…

Hearty, Healthy Tailgating

baked wings Football season should be a time for adding up points, not calories. Enjoy healthier versions of your favorite foods by using recipes from WVU Extension Service’s nutrition specialists. Download a PDF of Hearty, Healthy Tailgating

Healthy Lunches

Pick a healthy lunch Brown bag lunches don’t have to be boring. Cut the calories from your child’s lunch box while keeping meals flavorful and fun. Learn healthy lunch tips from Extension specialists.

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Halloween Candy Alternatives

Halloween candy Treat kids to candy alternatives this Halloween. Explore healthier options that might trick picky eaters into enjoying a better snack.

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Serve Winning Super Bowl Snacks

Healthy Kabobs Score winning points with your Super Bowl Sunday crowd. Serve great-tasting snacks without being penalized.

Get great recipes for healthy Super Bowl snacks.