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Day at the Legislature

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Last Updated: Thursday, January 26, 2017

Who should attend?

WVU Extension attendees: CEOS club members, 4-H’ers, Master Gardeners, Energy Express families, farmers, volunteers, firefighters, nutrition educators, Extension employees, retirees, and others are invited.

WVU attendees: Students, alumni, volunteers, WVU employees, retirees, and other WVU supporters are invited.

What activities are planned for the day?

Check the schedule of activities for details.

How can I register to attend?

Register online to participate as an exhibitor or attending group, as well as to volunteer as an event staff member.

How can we display an exhibit?

If your program, group, or club would like to bring a display, please indicate it on your registration, and you will be given consideration for exhibit space. Please note: Exhibitors should follow the Exhibitor Guidelines, and displays should be set up and removed according to the schedule. We recommend that your group send at least two people to unload, set up, staff, and pack your group’s exhibit.

Where do exhibitors unload?

Please refer to the Exhibitor Guidelines for complete information.

Where do exhibitors setup?

Please refer to the Exhibitor Guidelines for complete information.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable shoes; the marble floors are lovely, but they’re hard on your feet. Since this is an educational day for our youth and volunteers, many will be wearing their Sunday best for calling on legislators. To others, we suggest wearing your “proudest” gold and blue.

Where is Capitol parking?

There is limited visitor parking directly outside the Capitol. The best option for parking is the area adjacent to Laidley Field.

If you’re traveling with a group, please refer to procedures for loading and unloading tour buses at the Greenbrier and Washington Street entrance from the W.Va. Capitol Police.

There are some metered parking spaces near the complex, but spots fill quickly. Download the Parking Map for WVU & WVU Extension Service Day at the Legislature (PDF). Directions to parking can also be found on the directions and maps page. Contact the Capitol Complex Parking Unit with specific questions.

Where can I take a shuttle service to the Capitol?

All-day shuttle service is provided between the Capitol Complex and the Laidley Field parking area. The shuttle departs from Laidley Field starting at 7 a.m. and ending at 6 p.m. Each stop is served approximately every 10-15 minutes.

Please note: The shuttle does not operate from 11 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Shuttle stops include: the Division of Highways Building 5, Building 6 California Avenue, East Wing entrance to the Main Capitol Building, the Governor’s driveway (Greenbrier Street), and Laidley Field. The shuttle bus is handicapped-accessible.

Capitol Security

Visitors to the Capitol must enter through security checkpoints located at the West Wing and East Wing entrances. For more information, including a helpful map, please see the Charleston Gazette-Mail’s article on the enhanced security. Frequently asked questions about directed public access are also available from the W.Va. Capitol Police.

What happens at the Capitol?

  • If you are displaying an exhibit check in with WVU Extension staff at the Capitol.
  • Stop by the greeters’ table to pick up schedules and other important materials and information for your day.
  • Participate in activities like browsing educational and interactive displays, viewing the House and Senate in action, touring the Capitol, and meeting with legislative officials.

Where are handicapped-accessible Capitol doors?

Handicapped-accessible entrances are located in the vicinity of both the Capitol’s East and West Wings. In each of the wings, ramps are located to the sides of the stairs leading to the Main Building. Security guards located on both the east and west side of the Capitol will be happy to provide additional directions.

Will name tags be distributed?

Name tags are available to download and print. Extra name tags will be available at the greeters’ table.

Where can Capitol maps be found?

Capitol maps are available online and printed. During the event, volunteers will be standing by (they’ll wear gold “staff” name tags) to help you find your way around the Capitol.

Will I be able to meet with all my legislators?

It depends. Please note: Your lawmakers may be called to newly scheduled business at any given time.

On any given day the pace in the Capitol is hectic. During WVU & WVU Extension Service Day at the Legislature, that space will be filled with several hundred additional WVU and WVU Extension Service supporters sporting gold and blue Flying WV’s. To help keep the day somewhat organized, a schedule will be provided allowing for time to meet with legislators. Even if you’re unable to meet with lawmakers at your agreed time, it’s still important to contact them and work to schedule an audience later that day or at another time in Charleston, or in your local community.

Remember, the legislative process is dynamic and a lot of meaningful activity has been purposely planned into this special day. Experiencing or participating in everything offered on this one day in Charleston would be unrealistic and exhausting. Make plans now to organize another trip next year and focus on different activities and offerings!

Are there any suggested tips or conversation starters?

Yes. Tips and conversation starters are available to help you visit with legislators. Check out the Working with Legislators page for complete details on how to identify and locate your lawmakers, as well as contact and meet with them.

Will thank-you gifts be given to legislators?

In appreciation for the work of our West Virginia legislators, and to showcase Extension programs, a small token to legislators is planned for this year’s event.

Is giving a gift to a legislator allowed?

Yes. Please note: No tax-payer monies are used for purchasing our gifts to legislators. The cost of each gift will be under the $25 gift limit for political gifts.

What are my lunch options?

Please take advantage of Charleston’s many restaurants or grab a bite at the Capitol Cafeteria.

Can visiting 4-H students serve as pages?

If 4-H’ers wish to serve as pages, please arrange this in advance with the office of your delegates or senator. If your 4-H’er can’t serve as a page, ask about making arrangements for a different date.

Need additional assistance contacting your legislator? Contact Robin Anderson or W.Va. Legislature staff.

What is the interactive map board?

Stick up for your county and hometown – let us know you’re here by stopping by the WVU Extension Service Map Board. The map board lets everyone know and see the variety of places from which our WVU and Extension Service folks have traveled to participate.

Where can the interactive map board be found?

Find the map board in the Capitol’s Upper Rotunda.

Where can group photos be taken?

To provide for the best natural indoor lighting, we suggest taking group photos in the Upper Rotunda of the Capitol. Bring your own camera and snap away!

How can the Capitol be toured?

Free guided tours of the Capitol Complex are available on the half hour. Call 304-558-4839 for details and to schedule your tour.

Are other tours available?

Groups are invited to arrange other activities and tours on their own.

Other attractions to plan for include the Culture Center, Town Center Mall, and West Virginia Public Broadcasting.

Free tours of the public television and radio facilities should be reserved about two weeks in advance. Call 304-556-4900 or 1-888-596-9729 to schedule a tour of West Virginia Public Broadcasting.

What other highlights are planned for the day?

Please refer to the schedule for a list of activities that are planned as part of the official event.