WVU Extension

West Virginia University
at the W.Va. State Fair


What if I want to be featured with the theme but I’m not sure what works best for my exhibit or program?

We’re no strangers to the fair; we can answer questions and give more insight into the audience for this event.

What if I think my program is a good “featured” program for the day?

Let us know! It’s desirable to feature programs that offer interactive and informational exhibits.

What if my program theme doesn’t “fit in” with the event theme? Can I still exhibit?

Yes! We welcome your exhibits any day of week.

What is the difference between free and preferred parking?

If you arrive early in the day, it’s often more convenient to park in a free area than the preferred area, which is really just a designated vendor area.

Can I load or unload near the WVU Building?

Those setting up displays on Thursday should be able to enter as directed by staff. On other days during the fair, if you arrive before 8 a.m. and enter via the main entrance, you can temporarily park to unload or load, however your vehicle needs to be moved promptly before the opening of the fair.

Do I need to bring an extension cord and surge protector?

If you’re bringing exhibit parts that use electric, please bring a standard 6 foot extension cord and/or surge protector to accommodate your items.

Is the WVU Building connected to the internet?

The WVU Building features WiFi for programmatic use. WVU Extension will provide volunteer staff a public access terminal with printer for email and other standard office applications.

What food options exist for me while working in the WVU Building?

The WVU Building features a small kitchen with refrigerator and microwave that can be used by volunteer staff. Bring cash to buy food from vendors on the fairgrounds, as credit cards may not be accepted. Other fast food options are located nearby outside the fairgrounds.

What if I still have questions?

For more information contact Robin Anderson or call her at 304-293-4222.