Environment and Natural Resources

Conservation conservation

Water, soil, forest, farmland, wildlife…”Conservation” relates to many things, preserving what is possible, and in some cases crucial, for future generations. Conservation has taken on many forms in West Virginia, from the historic start of the National Forest system and the efforts of the Civilian Conservation Corp in forest replanting and park construction, to today when we are faced with the continuing task of trying to balance conservation with a multitude of countering needs.

There are a number of cooperating state and federal organizations in West Virginia, including: the WV Conservation Agency, WV Department of Agriculture, WV Department of Natural Resources, WV Farm Service Agency, WV Department of Environmental Protection, and the Natural Resources Conservation Agency.


Press Releases—October 5, 2009
WVU campus conservation competition Ecolympics begins today (Oct. 5)
West Virginia University faculty, staff and students will compete to see who can recycle and conserve the most energy during the annual WVU Energy Conservation Awareness Now (WE CAN) Ecolympics held now through Oct. 30. The WE CAN Ecolympics has three competitions between residence halls, campus buildings, and a second competition among residence halls to see which facility continues with the recycling and energy conservation efforts after the competition is over. ... (Read More)
Press Releases—September 14th, 2009
WVU’s grant funds to demonstrate precision agriculture protects water

—A team of West Virginia University researchers has received an $181,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to demonstrate precision agriculture’s effectiveness for protecting water quality in the Eastern Panhandle. Funded by the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service’s Conservation Innovation Grant program, the project will use global mapping and other precision agriculture technology to improve ground and surface water quality in fields that have limestone. ... (Read More)

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