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Extension 100

Ramps: A ‘Spring Tonic’

Native to North America, the ramp is a wild onion having a strong aroma. Though the bulb of the ramp resembles a scallion, the flat, broad leaves of the ramp distinguish them. Ramps are prolific in Appalachia, growing from South Carolina all the way to Canada.

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Hannah Fincham

Hannah Fincham

WVU Extension Agent—Families and Health, Barbour and Randolph Counties

Hannah Fincham, West Virginia University Extension Service Families and Health agent, helps make a positive impact on West Virginians by educating them and spreading the word about the importance of health and wellness.

“Obesity and diabetes are two of the most prevalent health issues that people living in Barbour and Randolph Counties face,” said Fincham. “One of my goals is to provide health education and information to reduce their risk of suffering from these health concerns.”

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