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jr fire fighter camp

Junior Firefighter Camp

The Junior Firefighter Camp provides classroom and practical training to further participants’ knowledge, skills, and abilities in firefighting and emergency operations for certification in NFPA 1001, Standard on Firefighter Professional Qualifications. Learn more about Junior Firefighter Camp…

Mark Lambert

Mark Lambert

WVU Extension Fire Service –

“Coming home” means a variety of things for different people, but for Mark Lambert it has happened in a variety of ways. The West Virginia University alumnus is now educating on behalf of the university, has come full circle to lead the program that started his career and more importantly, cares for many of the rural communities that form the state by ensuring their safety.

From the age of 14 and his days with the Madison Volunteer Fire Department, Lambert has always been involved with emergency response. A former volunteer firefighter, Lambert claims to be a true product of the WVU Fire Service Extension, taking his very first class through an adjunct instructor. Learn more about Mark's work ...