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Harpers Ferry

Rebuilding Harpers Ferry: WVU lends support, expertise to historic town

Harpers Ferry has long been recognized as a historic community and a driver of tourism in West Virginia; in fact, the small community of 300 residents relies heavily upon the 10,000 tourists that pass through the town each week.

On July 23, the vitality of the historic town was jeopardized when fire blazed through its downtown area, destroying 30 percent of the business district in its path.

“The devastation felt in this community goes beyond bricks and mortar. It threatened the essence and livelihood of a national landmark,” said WVU Extension Service Dean Steve Bonanno. Learn more about Extension’s role in rebuilding…

Kelly Nix

Kelly Nix

WVU Extension Specialist – Leadership, Community Resources & Economic Development

Kelly is an Associate Professor and Community Leadership Specialist at West Virginia University Extension Service. In this role, she leads the statewide Community Leadership Academy and works with a wide variety of groups and organizations on topics such as strategic planning, facilitation, real colors personality profile, stress management, walkability and tourism. Learn more about Kelly's work...