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Extension 100
Women in Ag

Women in Agriculture Conference

This inaugural event will provide networking opportunities, promote leadership development, provide tours of diverse operations, support positive agriculture and natural resources policy development, and provide production and marketing education for any agricultural service providers and female agriculture producers and agribusiness women across West Virginia.

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Jennifer Williams

Jennifer Williams

WVU Extension Director –
Agriculture and Natural Resources

When it comes to her role as director of the West Virginia University Extension Service Agriculture and Natural Resources programs, Jennifer Williams is in familiar territory. Program development is a lot like farming, she explained.

“You plant a seed and then you have to have the patience to watch it grow,” said the former Upshur County WVU Extension agent. “But there are many outside factors that determine the success of that plant. Program development is just the same – outside factors beyond your control will influence the growth of a program. It takes patience to accept that.”

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