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2016 Diabetes Symposium

Bridge the gap with education at the 2016 Diabetes Symposium

Health professionals are invited to learn, collaborate and discuss how to prevent, reduce and manage diabetes in the Mountain State through a three-day workshop organized by the West Virginia University Extension Service.

“We want to build the capacity—particularly in rural areas—to manage and prevent diabetes,” said WVU Extension Service Associate Dean of Programming and Research Cindy Fitch. “To do that we must unite healthcare professionals and diabetes educators to spread knowledge and work together towards common goals.” Learn more about the 2016 Diabetes Symposium…

Cindy Fitch

Cindy Fitch

WVU Extension Service-
– Associate Dean of Programming and Research

Through her 30 years of experience in research, curriculum development and working with children and families, Fitch has learned how to use her talents to improve the resources and opportunities available for West Virginians.Learn more about Cindy's work...