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Small Farm Conference

2015 West Virginia Small Farm Conference

The 11th Annual West Virginia Small Farm Conference will take place February 26 – 28 at the Charleston Civic Center, Charleston, W.Va. Registration is open. Unlock the potential of your small farm to produce food profitably.

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Tom McConnell

Tom McConnell

WVU Extension Service Small Farm Center –
Program Leader

West Virginians spend billions of dollars on food every year, and Tom McConnell is working to keep more of those dollars in the state’s communities.

More than $7.2 billion worth of food is consumed each year in West Virginia, and McConnell believes that the state’s farmers should capture more than the mere $7 million they currently garner in direct sales.

The program leader of the WVU Extension Service Small Farm Center, McConnell manages the annual West Virginia Small Farm Conference, which helps new and experienced producers learn more about agritourism, marketing techniques, fruit and vegetable production, food security, and effective agricultural production and business practices.

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